The creator of Oceanic Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer has extensive knowledge and experience of land plant horticulture but even more so, seaweed.

His radical way of thinking that prompted him to develop the product, was that he knew that liquid seaweed has qualities that are unique to it.

He understood that the differing results that people have had in the past were due to variations in the raw seaweed’s quality and its processing which led to the liquid seaweed’s variability. He realised that people used the liquid seaweed in different ways and strengths and this also led to differing results.

Not having a standard way of processing and application led to unexpected results, so he thought that if he could come up with a constant, standard way of harvesting the raw seaweed and production, then all of the irregularities in performance could be eradicated. So he set up the Oceanic Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer’s high quality production process.