Oceanic Liquid Seaweed Extract – Value For Money

We provide our range of products through our distributors to:

Many of the English and Scottish Football Premiership Grounds.

Numerous UK Championship Golf Courses use our products.

The number of quality top sporting venues that use our products signifies the excellence of our product range. Our products have never previously been available to the general public. But now we are giving you, the public, the chance to buy the professional gardener’s biggest secret.

Oceanic Liquid Seaweed extract -Value for money – LOOK!

The table below shows clearly the excellent value for money of our products. Not only is Oceanic Liquid Seaweed extract the highest quality soil conditioner on the market, but because of the super concentrate high activity level it provides the best value for money and is therefore CHEAPER than all our competitors… LOOK BELOW!


Oceanic -Value for money - LOOK BELOW!

Value For Money
Value For Money

Bottle of Oceanic
Bottle of Oceanic

Don’t take our word for it. Try it for yourself.


500ml Oceanic Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer £7.99

Shipping – UK Only – 1st Bottle £1.99

Shipping – Per Bottle – Additional £1.50

If you wish to pay by cheque or postal order, please contact charlieb1937@googlemail.com