Seaweed has been used for centuries now to improve soil condition and also to fertilize it, especially around the coast where the seaweed was close at hand and easy to gather. Things have advanced a lot since the days of old when whole seaweed was used and new techniques have enabled the valuable active ingredients within the seaweed to be extracted and made into a liquid seaweed fertilizer. Todays liquid seaweed fertilizer is used extensively on a commercial basis as well as home gardeners as an organic soil conditioner.

Seaweed fertilizer in liquid form was used mainly as foliar sprays back in the 1950’s. Half of users of the product back then, claimed amazing results from its use but the other half who used the foliar spray were convinced that it was no match for the more traditional fertilizers that were around at the time.

Since the 1950’s however, scientists have had their hands on the liquid seaweed meal and done extensive tests on its composition. It has been proven that there are real benefits, just as the early users of the foliar product claimed. Used at low concentrations, liquid seaweed acts a growth promoter rather than mineral enrichment or a fertilizer.

Oceanic soil conditioners are composed from one type of seaweed, gathered in large amounts using sustainable methods. It is then washed thoroughly, dried and milled, then prepared so that as soon as it comes into contact with the soil, the locked in natural benefits are released and start to work its magic.

To summarise – Oceanic liquid kelp extract is an easily applied, fast acting digested weed that has removed the conversion time of the naturally occurring processes in raw seaweed.

Bottle of Oceanic
Bottle of Oceanic

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