Oceanic Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer contains a rich and balanced mix of natural trace elements and plant hormones which provide power growth promoting action resulting in healthy, vigorous plants. Particularly important is the unique combination of phytohormones, the cytokinins and betaines, which results in:

Stimulation of root growth, resulting in increased uptake of soil nutrients.

Increase in the process of nutrient uptake, both through root and leaves (spray) ensuring optimum supply to plant and also rapid response to deficiencies.

Increased production of chlorophyll, producing greener plants which enhances photosynthesis.

Improvement in yield of crops, eg grain fill and quality in both conventional and organic agriculture.

Increase in resistance to disease and pest attack mainly through improvement in overall strength and health of plant.

Considerable increase in resistance and recovery from mechanical stress, e.g. sports turf.

Bottle of Oceanic
Bottle of Oceanic

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500ml Oceanic Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer £7.99

Shipping – UK Only – 1st Bottle £1.99

Shipping – Per Bottle – Additional £1.50

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